The numerous cities where you can rent a boat via Samboat

Want to go discover unexplored corners? To bask in the sun without having sand on your towel? With Samboat, navigate anywhere in the world thanks to boat rentals! So if you want to rent a boat mallorca, it's a perfect opportunity. Here are some destinations covered by Samboat!


Winter does not necessarily mean the end of the season to sail in Europe. Portugal and especially the Algarve coast in the south, offers all year round pleasant sailing conditions. In winter, a light breeze and a blue sky due to the atmospheric pressure of the region invites to hoist the sail.

The British virgin islands

Surely the most famous destination in all the Caribbean. Among the fifty or so islands that make up this territory, we particularly recommend visiting Virgin Gorda and taking a tour of the baths. This maze of winding caves, natural pools and windy tunnels is one of the most memorable coasts of the archipelago.

The Martinique

It is no surprise that Martinique integrates our selection of winter. The hurricane season is over, the beaches are beautiful and the island has many treasures just waiting to be discovered.


During the winter, the weather in Croatia remains relatively mild and temperatures rarely drop below 10 ° C. It is not hot enough to swim but the winds are generally very good in this area. However, we advise you to add a small heater in the cabin, just in case! You will also find many well-sheltered marinas in Croatia. Sailing during this period is also a good way to avoid the usual summer crowds: you will be quiet both at sea and in the islands.

So, for those who have desires besides larger, know that Samboat is present everywhere in the world, you can book a trip at sea in Croatia or Greece for example from professionals of the rental.

See this link before you go on vacation

See this link before you go on vacation
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